Christmas and New Year's Eve menu 2019

It may be months away but we’re already planning the Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations — after all, it’s never too early to start thinking about the most wonderful time of the year. You can look forward to a pleasant festive atmosphere, delicious dishes from the hands of our Chef Miroslav Doležal and a rich selection of wines and spirits.

CHRISTMAS MENU 24th December 2019

New project for the most demanding gastronauts

Maureruv Stul

Pavel Maurer, the Czech famous publisher of independent gastronomic guide Maurer's Grand-restaurant, has launched a completely new, selection program called Maurerův Stůl (transl. Maurer's Table) for a limited number of guests and restaurants since July, 2019. Every month, he recommends Maurer's Table, the favourite and highly recommended restaurants personally by Pavel Maurer. 
The offer is really exclusive and limited with a clear rule: 1 day, 1 table, fixed price and a fixed menu with little surprise.